Developed initially for D.O.D.  (Department of Defense) as a way of transferring data across great distances. Now it is the Information super high-way, You need anything you can find it on the internet. Whether its directions to your favorite restaurant to TV listings to shopping for anything you can imagine. But what is it?

A collection of computers all connected together so that you can obtain information from around the world.

What is my Internet connection?

This is how your computer connects the internet. The type of connection you have determines how fast you get the information, such as Email, websites and any other data from another computer on the internet.

What Types of connections are available in my area?

That truly depends on what services are available in your area. Typically there are 3 main types of connections in residential areas.

1.Dial-Up -- This is available almost everywhere it requires a home phone service that you can plug your modem in to Jack and your computer actually makes a phone call to connect you to the internet. This is the slowest means of connecting.

2.DSL -- This is available by your Phone Co. depending how far away from the Central office as the lines run. It is a dedicated line provided to your home or office. pricing depends on the company providing it and the speed of the connection offered.

3.Cable -- This is available by your Cable TV Provider. They often say that this is the fastest internet connection available. But the big difference of this connection it is built off of a node basis where so much bandwidth is shared in an area.

Yes there are other connections available but I am just giving some examples.

If you would like to get specific I would be more then happy to schedule an appointment to discus what is available to you.