PC or Mac
What is this about PC or Mac I see the commercials but I don’t understand?

Well this is a tough one. Its a lot like Ford or Chevy, Some people swear by Ford and some by Chevy.
Both are computers and both can use the Internet and check email. They both can run applications and do work or play. Lets take a look at the two.

PC-- It comes down to this Microsoft has had a majority of the computer world for a long time and is familiar to many people because they use it at work or school. But Microsoft is not the only operating system out there. There are several different O.S. options such as Linux, and Open BSD, and Unix. and several variations of each.

Mac-- This is a computer built by the Apple corp. and loaded with an O.S. written by Apple corp. The software is written to work with the parts used and is favored by many people in the fields of Graphic design, animation, and the artsy types. But don’t be fooled it is a powerful computer for any task put before it.