I have been interested in the computer industry since I was twelve years old and my father brought home our First PC running DOS. From that computer I learn about the insides and how the operating system works on a computer. I pursued computer based studies in school, taking what ever computer classes I could in a small rural school that I attended. There I learned the basics of programing, After High School I Joined the United States Navy, where I Served my country for four years, got hurt in the line of duty and received an Honorable discharge.

Since then I have been working on computers and watching them change the world, Going from Bulletin boards to the internet and then adding High Speed connections. At the jobs that I have held over there years I have done every thing from helping a grandmother make a computer purchase so she can talk to her grandchildren across the country, to Building the Ultimate gaming machine for the Best of Gamers. Help folks connect to the internet for the first time and then helped them figure out how to hook up to a broadband connection so that they could experience the internet at high speeds. I have helped them configure a home network so that they could hook up all of there devices to the internet such as there Ipod touch, Sony PSP, and the game consoles like the X-Box, Sony Play-station III and the Nintendo Wii. Or set all the computers up to share a resource such as the printer in the Family room.

For Business I have helped the Mom and Pop get there first computer to help track sales to wiring up major corporations with Multi-server Multi-user environments. Help a new business owner sit down and learn software to run there business. Or setup a web-site so they can make their presence known on the internet. I have trained employees how to work in the new software that has be implemented across the company. I have set peer to peer networks in a company up to setting up a companies first server to adding additional servers to handle the ever-growing workloads. Upgraded severs for companies that needed the up-grade. I have set up new servers for dong everything from file servers to handling the companies email to web-servers for doing business on line. In some of my latest ventures I have help new business design and print up flyers, pamphlets, brochures.